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Hollywood Beach, Florida...March 16-18, 2012...

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For a 3rd consecutive year, the Hollywood Beach Bash, One Wall racquetball event is a go. It will take place March 19-20, 2011 at the Historic Garfield Courts in Hollywood Beach, Florida. Besides it being one of the largest One Wall events in the country, it is notable for it's large contingency of players from New York City.


World Outdoor Racquetball, who sanctions this event, has many members that reside in New York State. But unlike players in Florida and California, New Yorkers don't travel in large numbers to other states for big WOR events. NYC's One Wall community has a relatively large number of players when compared to to other states, yet since they religiously only play One Wall, there are only a handful that will travel to attend other mostly 3 Wall outdoor events. (With the exception of Raul Nieves' Connecticut tournies.) 




But the Florida event is different. Besides one of the most beautiful settings in all of outdoor racquetball, new pristine courts and wonderful Florida hospitality, players from NYC travel in numbers to be with each other. There are a good number of expatriated New Yorkers that live in Florida and this event provides an excellent opportunity to get together in a family spirit. 



Vic Leibofsky, WOR's National Co-Director:

     "The very first Florida WOR event was the 2004 WOR 1-wall National Championships, held right here at the Historic Courts at Garfield Street on Hollywood Beach. 
          That first event in 2004 was won by the dynamic Duo of Robert "Iceman" Sostre and Alfredo "Kato" Ramirez. Since then, Ice and Kato have completely dominated, going undefeated on the Historic Courts.
     Although it's not the biggest event of the year, for a lot of players it's their favorite! You just cant beat the weather, the facility, the restaurants a few steps away, and jumping in the ocean to cool off between games. No wonder this event draws so many folks from the Northeast each winter!"



Leibofsky mentions current tournament champs Robert Sostre and Freddy Ramirez. who have a notable history that makes for a good future Restrung article. Sostre, throughout his competitive history has been known as "Iceman". However, Ramirez has been a bit of the "Who is that guy?" of their team. Only when you see them play do you realize how they play off of one another and are always in sync, which is said to be a treat to watch. But the alias "Kato" came up in a thread on the 

Meet and Play Racquetball Forum.  Ramirez has undergone many names because no one knows what to call him and players are always compelled, due to Sostre's moniker. 



Last year, players from California and Florida showed up with T-shirts that said "Dang Freddy", eluding to yet another forum posting on Meet and Play. This is indicative of the type of camaraderie this event fosters and the influence forums can have on events.




For some WOR members, this is a must attend event. You can't beat the location. You can't beat the hospitality. Florida players don't take kindly to out-of-staters winning on their courts and they mean business. The competition is fierce,  especially the Women's divisions! ( No kidding.)  And characters o'plenty.

Truly a great time!  Make plans.


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